Wednesday, July 29, 2009

17 days and counting.

Three weeks. Holy! I mean, I knew that, but then I wrote it, and holy shit.

Over the past few days Kenny and I have been frantically trying to tie up all of the loose ends. We even sat in the surgery waiting room making phone calls on Monday. I still had not purchased shoes for the girls to wear. My parents nicely solved that one! We needed to book the limo (done!), reserve an extra hotel room for the guys to get ready in (also done!), get something for me to wear to rehearsal dinner (solved by making Kenny wear something the goes with a dress I already had), and buy jewelry for me to wear with my dress. This one was stressing me out.

The plan was for my dad to come Thursday to take me shopping for jewelry and to watch Emmi while I go to another dress fitting. Until then, I relentlessly searched etsy looking for the perfect piece, trying to get ideas.

And I found this.

And in two days it will be mine!

All of the little details are finally falling into place. By the end of today, we will have our marriage licences and the girls rehearsal dinner dresses. Yet another check mark off my list! Actually, all of the check marks off my list for now. I think, perhaps, I might be able to sit back and just enjoy it for the next three weeks.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Plus One

If your invitation does not say "and guest," then it does not mean write in one anyway.

Fifty people maximum occupancy, including our officiant and the band.

Your "plus one" is going to be standing outside.

Just sayin'.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Knew I Should Be Eating More Cupcakes

When I picked up my dress from alterations, it was suggested I put a few clear snaps to hold dress close to my bra. So I decided today was as good a day as any to tackle that. Alone. What I didn't really think out was how I was going to get the dress on.

I did this bendy, turny stretch and managed to get the zipper up, but not the top clasp. And? The dress is literally falling off of me. Now, it could be that the top clasp would make a difference, but I doubt it. It is perfectly in line with the zipper. And the dress settles nicely to somewhere around mid-boob. Mid-boob is not where I want it to be.

The thing is, I know I lost a little weight. But, people, I went to the gym this evening to see just how much weight I had lost (no, no, not to actually work out, sillies), and it is only FOUR pounds. But on me, four pounds is a whole dress size.

I have two options. I can eat a shitload of cupcakes between now and then. Doubtful. Or I can take the dress back for more alterations.

So I broke down and called the dress shop. Tomorrow, I might go eat a cupcake.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One Month From Today.

Today marks exactly one month until our wedding.

I thought I would be that obsessive bride that talked about her wedding non-stop. By the pile of wedding magazines I amassed in the first few weeks of our engagement, you would have thought so, too. Instead, I haven't hardly thought about our wedding. Other than I wish it wasn't happening right now. I mean, I want to get married now. But just not under these circumstances.

Last night, Kenny's grandfather died suddenly. We really hoped both of his grandparents would make it to the ceremony. Emmi is having major surgery two weeks before our wedding. In a few days, they will do another CT scan looking for what has caused the movement of her electrodes. Of those causes, a growth. In other words, a tumor. Jill is having her own set of issues, and has just been prescribed two days a week of OT. Somehow, we all missed some neurological damage that has caused hypotonia (which is one of the same symptoms Emmi has, which means Jill may not just be a carrier). I have not slept more than four hours a night for the past three weeks. I am scared to go on our honeymoon, because Emmi will be going through implant activation. I am exhausted. Kenny is exhausted. We are both getting sick, and I have had a headache for days.

And I said that I thought having my wedding dress ruined was going to be the worst of it.