Monday, March 30, 2009


We are taking engagement photos on Friday. Don't you worry, Sheri helped me practice some poses. For instance the hand draped casually over Kenny's shoulder, showing off the ring. Then, of course, we worked on the arms wrapped around his neck, full on hug mode, while Kenny half smiles, half looks scared. I promised to give Sheri a wallet size of that pose, so she could gaze at us every time she opens her purse.

In reality, Kenny and I debated whether or not we even were going to do engagement photos. They all come out cheesy. Even when you try not to be cheesy. Even when you think you are all edgy and cool. It's not. It's cheesy. But we don't have any pictures of us that don't include a margarita or us in bathing suits on a beach or us at other people's weddings. Although, at least at other people's weddings we have on something other than a bathing suit. We finally conceded that engagement photos should be done, so we would have some decent pictures together other than our actual wedding day.

Being the total procrastinator that I am, left it until this week to decide what I would wear. Kenny and I aren't super fancy, so I know I am wearing jeans. I figured I would wear some cute heels of some sort. The real problem is the shirt. Do I go with white, the easy go-to color? Or do I pick an actual color? Did any of you take engagement photos? What did you wear?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Somebody Please Figure This Out

I have decided that etiquette can be stupid. Nobody agrees with anybody. Everyone has their own rules.

Although, I think I need this book. It looks funny.

This morning on Yahoo, one of the articles was about wedding dos and don'ts. I am constantly coming across articles on this topic in magazines, online, everywhere. Sometimes I agree with some points in the articles. For instance, I think I should be mindful of how much I ask my bridal party to spend on dresses and such. I also think guest should be beat over the head (probably not proper etiquette), if they do things like RSVP with their nineteen children, when you aren't inviting children. Those things, I get. But what I don't get is how in the same article it talks about how you should not specify what gifts you want (because it is tacky to demand your guest bring you gifts, and, apparently, a registry does that), and one line later it explains how you should never show up to a shower or wedding without a gift. Going a completely contradictory route, I found another article deeming it inappropriate to deviate from the registry. What?!

Now my head is spinning. You can't have a registry. You shouldn't expect a gift. The guest must bring a gift. They must go by the registry. Which is it?

Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20th

The official countdown starts today. In exactly 365 days, Kenny and I will be married.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses

I would really like it if one of my bridesmaids would choose this to wear.

Okay, maybe not this, exactly, as the whole ensemble falls into the $1500 range. But you know, just something like this. Anyone? Any takers?

Or you know, I am sure I could find a place to put a dress like that to good use.