Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Look What I Got Yesterday

The jeweler called around one yesterday to tell me my ring was ready. I kept telling Kenny that I felt like we should make a big deal out of getting the ring. Instead, we had one kid puking all day and the other one grounded for screaming at me for deleting a song from her ipod. Yippee. We did, however, treat ourselves to Carrabba's takeout after the kids went to bed last night. I even bought myself a cupcake (or four) to celebrate. I am still all excited and happy, and I can't believe how much I love it. The pictures, unfortunately, don't do it justice. But, hey, you get the idea.

My Pictures are crappy. I swear the new camera is on the to-do list. Or I will just make Sheri take better pictures for me.... :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Something New

When Kenny proposed, he picked out a diamond, not a ring. The diamond was set on a plain band, and he told me I could design whatever band I wanted. Sure, I had spent months (okay years) showing him pictures of rings I liked, but he felt like I should have some input in the actual design of my band. Or, in other words, he got overwhelmed by all of the choices and made it my responsibility! But really, he didn't want me to end up with a ring that I only kind of liked. After agonizing over whether or not I would like the band he liked, the jeweler he was working with advised him to propose with a plain band, and then let me be in on the rest.

So Kenny took his advice, and when he proposed this is what I found sitting in my cupcake.

The jeweler told me to take my time looking around until I found what I wanted. I searched through magazine after magazine, looked through website after website. Kenny and I checked out antique shops and large retail jewelry shops. Nothing seemed to work. Either the bands I liked couldn't be set with my ring, or I didn't like the ones that could be set with my ring. It got a little overwhelming, and I started to think I would just keep it on a plain band.
However, today I had an appointment with the jeweler. I had emailed him pictures of styles I liked, and he pulled several books for me to look through. When I arrived, before he showed me anything, he pulled the band that Kenny originally wanted to get me. A simple, vintage style band that was custom made.
I slipped in on. The jeweler told me to wear it around for a bit while I flipped through the books. And? within minutes I knew it was my ring.
So, as of next week, I will have my ring on the new setting. The prongs have to be replaced to hold my diamond. Then I have to hand over my ring for one, whole long day while they set the stone. But next week, I will have my ring. I am practically giddy with excitement.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not Music to My Ears

It was bound to happen that something would not go my way. Everything was going too smoothly, so something had to give.

From the very beginning Kenny and I picked out THE Band. It was THE one. We just had to have them. Everyone else paled in comparison. They are actually kind of well know and happen to be the Texans' house band or some such. We were a little concerned that they would not be available for our wedding date. So imagine our surprise when they were, and they were five hundred dollars under our budget. Perfect. Except? Kenny asked the band leader for the contract no less than four times, and he never would send it. We were at a loss. Did they not want to do it? What was the problem? So Kenny sent one last email politely, but forcefully, asking if they just weren't interested. The band leader? Calls Kenny within minutes. Sure they want to. He will email the contract right over.

Two days go by. No contract.

So I decide to take matters into my own hands. I call the band leader myself. He answers on the second ring, and I launch into a made up story about how I am not sure if my fiance has contacted him yet or not. I give him our details exactly, every last one, giving him to opportunity to say that he has indeed talked to us. I ask him directly if it is possible that he has talked to my fiance. He says it is not. He then asks me to email him our details, to which I reply, "Oh I can do better than that. I can send you all of the emails you have sent back and forth to my fiance that you claim to have never spoken to."

And by the way, you are no longer THE band.