Friday, January 23, 2009


Before Kenny and I did anything, we made a strict budget for our wedding. We planned down to the penny what we would spend on every little thing we could think of right down to fast food the days we would be in Galveston before our wedding. We made some educated guesses on some things like flowers, dress, and catering by checking prices on websites. When it came down to actually signing some contracts and getting exact quotes, we kept finding that we had actually over-budgeted almost everything! My dress was hundreds less than we expected, the caterer was less, the transportation. Everything. Only one thing has been more than we expected, and it was seriously a few dollars. Insignificant. I have been so happy that is has been turning out this way. But? I thought for sure something would hit us soon, but so far it just keeps getting better.

I have spent weeks researching the cheapest options for invitations. Now that I have the design in mind, I starting pricing out all of the components. I found an online site that was by far the cheapest place, but I thought I would check Hobby Lobby one last time. I calculated it all out, and figured I could save another $30-60 dollars going with Hobby Lobby. Hey, a penny here, a penny there. I decided to go for it. It would add a little extra headache, as I would need to cut the paper down myself. Time is on my side, though. I grabbed everything I needed, headed to the check out and gasped in disbelief when I saw the total. It was $50 less than I thought it would be. I had stumbled upon a sale! I did a little happy right there in the store, and then called everyone I could think of to share the good news.

Best part? The printer we use for all of the marketing for Kenny's company is going to cut all of the paper down for me!


  1. Very impressive!!! It was meant to be!!!

  2. I love it when I buy somthing and it is cheaper than I thought! Those are some badass invites and I love that you are doing them yourself. Although, I am kinda disappointed in you for not going with the elephant poo paper...