Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Big Reveal

While Kenny and I aren't exactly after a traditional wedding, there are certain traditions we do want to honor. It is our wedding after all. We are cutting out some of the things we hate doing at other weddings and keeping the things we feel are sacred. One tradition I had wanted to keep in our wedding was the big reveal moment as I walked down the aisle. I didn't want Kenny to see me in my dress before that moment. Except the logistics of this are becoming impossible, and we are playing around with some other ideas.

We are having both the ceremony and reception in the same venue. The venue does not have a designated bridal dressing area. They do have a really nice bathroom with a dressing area, but it would serve as the bathroom for the guests also. If we block it off, guests would arrive before the ceremony with no access to a bathroom after an almost two hour drive. I am guessing this would leave most of my guests squirming through the whole ceremony. Also, we hate that long down period between ceremony and reception, while the bridal party takes pictures. Plus we want to have some pictures outside in some other locations. The only way we can accomplish this is to take pictures before the ceremony.

Lately, I have been seeing couples set up a reveal moment prior to the ceremony with family and bridal party. That way you get that "here I am" moment, but you can still see each other before the ceremony. I could get dressed off site. We could take pictures before in several locations before the ceremony, eliminating tons of pictures between the ceremony and reception. We can all ride together to the ceremony site. It seems to solve all of the problems.

But? Will I regret not having the moment at our actual ceremony?


  1. Daniel ended up seeing me before the ceremony since I had nowhere to hide in the restuarant. He was still in awe as I walked down the aisle, though. He still talks about that moment. It doesn't bother me a bit now that he saw me prior.

    I think you can make the moment he sees you special no matter when it is. Make it your own. I know in the Jewish religion, they see each before to sign their marraige agreement and take pictures. I have seen where they stand back to back and have a big reveal and then a few minutes for the groom to really take in all that he is seeing without having to focus on a ceremony. That could be a nice way to do it. :)

  2. It is actually really nice to have a big reveal moment. Especially if it is just the 2 of you and your photographer. It is a lot more intimate that way and less pressure on the groom!

    I actually have couples that take pics where the bride is on one side of a wall and the groom on the other and then the photographer takes pics of them each making their way to each other. It is really cute!

  3. Good idea, Holly! Kenny seems all for this plan, and I didn't even think of the point you and Sheri made. During the ceremony, there will be other, um, the actual ceremony. We could have more fun with it, if we do it before.

  4. I think that sounds like a perfect solution!

  5. I thought I wanted to do this at the urging of my photographer, but I am glad I didn't. It was worth it to set some photo time aside after the ceremony and allowed us to host a cocktail hour prior to the reception for our guests so they wouldn't notice the lull. However, only you know what is best for your day... what is right for other people may not be right for you and that is totally fine!