Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Something New

When Kenny proposed, he picked out a diamond, not a ring. The diamond was set on a plain band, and he told me I could design whatever band I wanted. Sure, I had spent months (okay years) showing him pictures of rings I liked, but he felt like I should have some input in the actual design of my band. Or, in other words, he got overwhelmed by all of the choices and made it my responsibility! But really, he didn't want me to end up with a ring that I only kind of liked. After agonizing over whether or not I would like the band he liked, the jeweler he was working with advised him to propose with a plain band, and then let me be in on the rest.

So Kenny took his advice, and when he proposed this is what I found sitting in my cupcake.

The jeweler told me to take my time looking around until I found what I wanted. I searched through magazine after magazine, looked through website after website. Kenny and I checked out antique shops and large retail jewelry shops. Nothing seemed to work. Either the bands I liked couldn't be set with my ring, or I didn't like the ones that could be set with my ring. It got a little overwhelming, and I started to think I would just keep it on a plain band.
However, today I had an appointment with the jeweler. I had emailed him pictures of styles I liked, and he pulled several books for me to look through. When I arrived, before he showed me anything, he pulled the band that Kenny originally wanted to get me. A simple, vintage style band that was custom made.
I slipped in on. The jeweler told me to wear it around for a bit while I flipped through the books. And? within minutes I knew it was my ring.
So, as of next week, I will have my ring on the new setting. The prongs have to be replaced to hold my diamond. Then I have to hand over my ring for one, whole long day while they set the stone. But next week, I will have my ring. I am practically giddy with excitement.


  1. I can't wait to see it after hearing your description today. Tell them to shake a leg.

  2. I am going by tomorrow to have it fitted...and you know, pay the man... I will take pictures!

  3. That's awesome, I can't wait to see pictures.

  4. I can't wait to see it! My band has a kind of antique look to it also!

  5. My pictures came out crappy. My camera is not the best, and I didn't want to sit in there for three hours attempting to get a great shot. They were already giving me funny looks! He might get the new prong in today, which means I will have the ring tomorrow. If not, I have to wait until next week... Once I have it, I can take all the pictures I want!

  6. I just realized how early we're all up and reading blogs from the comments posted here! ;)

  7. Hello fellow friend of zakary--
    I have this EXACT SAME RING--for reals. I cannot wait to see what type of wedding band you choose to go with it!!

  8. It won't let me leave a comment on the post about the new ring, so I will just post it here.


    The End.