Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Somebody Please Figure This Out

I have decided that etiquette can be stupid. Nobody agrees with anybody. Everyone has their own rules.

Although, I think I need this book. It looks funny.

This morning on Yahoo, one of the articles was about wedding dos and don'ts. I am constantly coming across articles on this topic in magazines, online, everywhere. Sometimes I agree with some points in the articles. For instance, I think I should be mindful of how much I ask my bridal party to spend on dresses and such. I also think guest should be beat over the head (probably not proper etiquette), if they do things like RSVP with their nineteen children, when you aren't inviting children. Those things, I get. But what I don't get is how in the same article it talks about how you should not specify what gifts you want (because it is tacky to demand your guest bring you gifts, and, apparently, a registry does that), and one line later it explains how you should never show up to a shower or wedding without a gift. Going a completely contradictory route, I found another article deeming it inappropriate to deviate from the registry. What?!

Now my head is spinning. You can't have a registry. You shouldn't expect a gift. The guest must bring a gift. They must go by the registry. Which is it?


  1. Ettiquette is stupid, that's why I am going to give you a flaming bag of poo for your wedding, I'm assuming you aren't going to register for that but everyone needs one. You can thank me later.

  2. I had a registry at Bed Bath and Beyond and sister included that information on my shower invites but we did NOT include it with our wedding invitations. I didn't expect people to bring gifts to the wedding but was happy they did. ;) I always bring a gift to a wedding.

  3. You need to put your blog address (our wedding site address like The Knot) on an insert with wedding invites for people to get more info like hotels near the location and registry. If you have it here put links in your side bar. :)

  4. Oh, and I will kill you if you make me purchase a ugly ass dress that costs $500 before alterations. :D

  5. I do have an actual wedding website for guests. Basically because of the hotels. Sheri, don't worry the shoes will be ugly, too.