Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses

I would really like it if one of my bridesmaids would choose this to wear.

Okay, maybe not this, exactly, as the whole ensemble falls into the $1500 range. But you know, just something like this. Anyone? Any takers?

Or you know, I am sure I could find a place to put a dress like that to good use.


  1. I would so wear it. The only issue is that it is more of a day look.

    BTW, I am all hot and bothered by the shoe porn.

  2. Oh Sheri don't start going all traditional on me with that "day look" crap. Do we ever do things the right way around here?

    Now, the real problem is the stark whiteness of the dress compared to my dress. And the fact that Kenny would slap whomever shows up to his wedding in that hat.

  3. Yeah, we clearly can not get away with wearing white for any occassion anymore. :P