Monday, April 20, 2009

Butterflies and Jamaica!

First, I am sure all of you Houstonians guessed that we are having our wedding at The Museum of Natural Science in the Cockrell Butterfly Center.
That's right...inside the butterfly exhibit, with butterflies fluttering around. It is one of the places I originally wanted, but had ruled out because there is a maximum occupancy of 50. Now that we are having a smaller wedding, it is not a problem. I love the outdoor feel of the rain forest setting without the threat of my wedding being rained out. I like how intimate the space feels, and how different it is from everywhere else we looked at. It is perfect for us.

Second, we booked our honeymoon trip! I am beyond excited. We will be spending a week in Jamaica. We chose a smaller 60 room hotel in Negril, which is supposed to be the more laid-back part of Jamaica. All of the rooms are separate little "treehouses."
We have also planned and overnight trip to the mountains during the middle of the week. Mostly, I plan to sit on the beach, each lots of food, and listen to lots of good music. You might even find me up there on that daybed, reading a book or two.
I don't know what I am more excited about now...the wedding ceremony or the honeymoon!


  1. Yeah, mon...

    I can't wait now!

  2. That's going to be so amazing!! So happy that you're getting the wedding you realllly wanted! What's the new date?

  3. Wow...amazing. I can not wait to see the pictures of the ceremony! I want to go to Jamaica...RIGHT NOW!!!!

  4. August 15th!

    PS It's me...I just didn't feel like signing out of my other account.

  5. August 15th is the date we got 2007!