Saturday, April 11, 2009



Our wedding plans just didn't feel right to us lately. We needed to make changes. So that we did.

The first change was the size. We never wanted a huge wedding. However, with extended family alone we were topping sixty people. Then picking and choosing which friends to invite seemed wrong. At some point we realized, it needed to be about who we wanted most to be with us on our wedding day. Our immediate families. Our best friends that we talk to daily. The couples that we go out with on the rare occasions that we leave the house! Those are the people that should be with us. We threw out the guilt we felt about excluding uncles we haven't seen in seven years, cousins and their wives whose names we don't know, and that one friend we talk to once every two years. It isn't that we don't want them there. It is just that we most need the people who we share our lives with everyday. With that in mind, we sat down and rewrote our guest list, narrowing it down to around forty people. A small group of family and friends.

The second change, the biggest change, was just how we were going about this wedding. I wanted a wedding that felt elegant and over the top. I wanted extraordinary. Kenny wanted fun and relaxing. He wanted to kick back and enjoy his wedding. Combining the two was difficult. We made lists. We searched through idea after idea. We finally came up with a great idea, a great location. A plan that fits us exactly. One that requires no waiting until March of next year.
And just what exactly are going to do? Well I will give you some hints now, and tell you all the details in the next post. No cheating if you already know!

Hint 1: These guys live nearby.

Hint 2: You will probably see some of these during our wedding.

Hint 3: Besides a band, you will hear this in the background.


  1. Dude, whatever it is, sounds rad.

  2. Hmmm, I think I have an idea of where it will be! I think you made a good decision by narrowing your guest list...that's what we did...only invited people who are a PART of our life...I had several aunts and uncles pissed off because they weren't invited but my reply was, "when was the last time I talked to you? Right, 3 years had no idea I was even dating someone." I'm so glad my memories of my wedding (before the Patron) are with friends and family I know will celebrate our 25th anniversary with!

  3. Ooh, ooh-- I know, I know! Yeah, so I know i would have guessed it had I not already known all about it. :P

    I am so excited already! I think the changes are going to help make it the wedding you really want. I have no doubt that it is going to be nothing short of spectacular, but that really has nothing to do with your plans. Things could go way off book but not matter because you guys are not getting married for the party. It is about your relationship with one another and wanting to celebrate each other. That is what makes the occasion perfect.

  4. I like this! Inviting people to your wedding that you can't call by first name is sooo over rated