Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sewing 101. Screw that. Remedial Sewing.

I think I have lived every brides horror story.

Bride finds dress. Dress needs alterations. Bride drops dress off. Bride goes to pick dress up and discovers rips on the fabric, the worst, uneven seams a person has ever seen, needle marks all up and down every seam from the multiple attempts to get a straight seam, darts on the OUTSIDE of the dress with both thread and knot showing, halter cut at least four inches too shot ON EACH SIDE. The dress is ruined.

One very uneven dart on the outside of the dress.

Did a four-year-old sew this? My eight-year-old could have done a better job. No, really. She sews a pretty damn straight line. I am appalled that the person who touched my dress even operates a business. It wasn't like it was one, little mistake. There were so many amateur sewing errors, like the darts folded onto the OUTSIDE of the dress. I have never seen anything like this. Obviously a dress like this, a project like this, was far out of this person's expertise. Instead of saying so, though, she still attempted it....with my wedding dress!

I cancelled payment on the check for the alterations. I am also asking, nicely, for only half the cost of the dress. She should pay for the whole thing, but I almost feel sorry for the idiot. If she doesn't offer up half the cost, I am going to take her small claims court for the full amount plus my court costs.

In the meantime, I have been out shopping for a new dress. Anita happens to know the owner of Marry Go Round, a consignment bridal shop. On my limited (dress number two) budget, we found some great finds. Plus, you know, I was super excited to go to the store that was on Peter Perfect. It was like meeting someone famous! My mom, Anita, and I are headed back today for a second look at a dress plus on to one other shop. Hopefully I come up with something!


  1. Dude, DUDE.

    This is so something that would happen to me. I am SO sorry, you seem to be handling it well. You need to get ALL your money back. That is jacked up.

    I bet dress #2 is fabulous!

  2. Okay, actually seeing IT is making my skin crawl. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT! She should be ashamed of herself. I can't believe she asked you for any money with what she has done. Okay, we are ALL over finding a new one asap.

    Oh, and don't you need to make a small change to your line-up. ;)

  3. You have got to be kidding?! I am so sorry!! I would have beat her ass, seriously...and I'm not even a fighter!

  4. Oddly enough, I have no flipped out yet. Yet. I emphasize, YET. I did find a new dress today, and I really love the new dress. Although I do NOT love having to purchase TWO dresses!

  5. Has this idiot given you your money back?! Umm, I had more to say but I hear total silence in the backyard and there SHOULD be 3 little girls playing back back!

  6. OH MY..where the hell did you go? Please tell me if its somewhere around here so I never go. Not that Ill need a wedding dress altered I wouldnt trust them with anything of mine! GOD bless you Tricia...I would have killed someone...get money for the WHOLE dang thing!!!

  7. I just read this...I CAN NOT believe that!!! Glad you were able to find a new dress!