Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One problem solved...

...and another one arises.

I found a new dress in two days. I LOVE the new dress. I am trying to look at the positives of having my dress destroyed. I did change venues after I purchased the first dress. I decided the new venue could use a different style dress. So that is exactly what I did. I got a different style dress. Problem solved.

Then I tried to pay our florist. And? I can't get in touch with her. She will not return my calls. She won't respond to my emails. I would just take it easy and assume something was going on right now. However, we only have two months. It took me two months to find a florist I liked in the first place! If I have to find another florist, I am in trouble!


  1. Carmen's Floral Design...tell her Holly sent you. She is fantastic!

  2. Holy shit dude...I made all my bouquets for our wedding so I can't really point you in the direction of another one! So sorry!

  3. WTF? Don't mess around with this bitch. Moving on. Go find someone else that is RELIABLE. If the bitch won't even call you back so you can GIVE HER MONEY, she needs to be fired.

    I'm glad you found a new dress, I bet it is amazing!

  4. Congrats.! You finally got a new dress. I can't wait to see that.