Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dancing Shoes

My love of shoes is not a secret. Although, oddly enough, I only ever wear flip-flops. Anyway, there is nothing I love more than a sexy pair of high heels. And I do mean high. So I was a little disappointed when I realized that I could go no higher than 3 inches on the heel of my wedding shoes. Lower, if possible, for my dress to fall correctly. And, you know, so I have some good dancing shoes.

Right away, I found a pair of dyeables online that came in both white and ivory. They were cute enough, and the heel height was on 2 1/2 inches. Perfect. I almost ordered them in ivory to match my dress, but then it occurred to me. I could dye them black! The girls are wearing black dresses. I originally wanted a colored shoe peeping out underneath my dress. So I ordered the pair in white, planning on dyeing them later.

When they came in, I was not so happy. They weren't ugly. They just didn't really do anything for me. Damn. But really they weren't going to show that much, and the heel height was the important part. Plus, I was already on my second set of shoes (along with the second dress). These would have to do.

I dropped them off to be dyed black, hoping I would like them more when they weren't stark white anymore. I also did a little dance and prayer that they wouldn't ruin my shoes. So far, my luck is crap. I have no faith in anyone anymore!

I went today to pick up my shoes...and I loved them! Dyeing them black made all the difference (especially when they dye job was done so well).

I might have put them on with my old wedding dress (I knew I kept that thing for a reason) and danced around the house a bit just to see how they would look underneath a real dress.


  1. I love them, Tricia!!! Yeah, I can see how they would look so-so before you dyed them. The black looks great!

  2. So effing cute!!!! I love 'em.

  3. Black shoes is such a great idea! Love them!